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Does KPM manufacture bond paper or newsprint?

Currently the mill is mainly concentrating on tissue and kraft paper production.

Does KPM produce virgin tissue paper?

No, the mill is only manufacturing the recycled range of tissue products

What product lines does KPM produce?

Kadoma Paper Mills manufactures enhanced white tissue paper from recycled waste material; brown kraft paper for book covers and wrapping and the coloured tissue products that come in blue, pink and green

Does KPM have sales office in Harare?

Yes, KPM has a sales office in Harare, located at 202 Seke road, Softex complex building.

Does KPM offer transportation of goods purchased by customers?

KPM doesn’t offer transport for clients. Our goods are sold FOB; however the company does assist in securing transport whereby the cost is the clients’ responsibility.

Is there a minimum order quantity tonnage that is required to place an order?

There is no minimum order quantity required; orders are processed in accordance with the amount paid and subject to availability of stocks.

What is the lead time from point of placing an order to delivery?

Depending on the availability of the stocks, the lead time is between two to four weeks.

How does KPM handle the issue of poor/defective product?

The client upon receiving the goods and inspection before use, if not satisfied with the product, they can return the goods for a direct replacement of the same product or an equivalent value on another product after KPM has also investigated and ascertained the complaint raised.


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